Materials for swimming lessons: tools, aids and information

digital-swim-coach offers comprehensive course packages for teachers

Materials for swimming lessons: tools, aids and information

Materials for swimming lessons are available at the digital-swim-coach page

Teachers who teach children to swim are often looking for the right materials for swimming lessons: because neither in their studies nor at their school have they been prepared in detail for this task. But then the time has come and the new swimming course is imminent. Often, the tedious and time-consuming search for suitable material for swimming lessons begins, or tips are requested from colleagues in the last few metres. The digital-swim-coach portal now offers help here. Teachers can find comprehensive course materials there when they teach swimming lessons.

„Teachers need suitable exercises to teach swimming at school,“ says Veronika Aretz, who runs the digital-swim-coach portal. „The sport of swimming is not always very popular. I often get a call telling a teacher that she now has to teach swimming. She knows how to swim – but how is she supposed to teach it?“

This is exactly where digital-swim-coach comes in: At the centre of the materials for swimming lessons are cards with exercises that – laminated or online on the tablet – can be taken to the swimming hall as aids when teaching children to swim at school. Teachers who give swimming lessons can choose from different course material here (e.g. packages for beginners or advanced swimmers). More than 1300 illustrations have been integrated on approximately 850 cards. Starting with getting used to water and diving to the three swimming styles breaststroke, crawl and backstroke – and of course everything is explained in a child-friendly way and illustrated with at least one picture each.

Topics of the materials for swimming lessons at digital-swim-ocach are:

– Familiarisation with water

– warm-up exercises

– Breaststroke, crawl and backstroke up to the whole position

– Movement sequence of the three styles

– Exercises with the pool noodle

– Head dive and other jumping ideas

– Diving

– games

– Troubleshooting

– Swimming rules

– Behaviour during the competition

– Theory with many tips

Teaching swimming at school as early as possible is important for several reasons: the importance of swimming ability is not limited to avoiding swimming accidents. Knowing how to swim allows children and adolescents to move more safely and without fear in, on and around water: which in turn enables them to participate in many leisure activities – visiting water parks and swimming pools, going to the swimming lake, going on canoe trips, etc.

Teachers who teach swimming get access to the individual exercises at digital-swim-coach, select the appropriate ones and show them to the students so that they can implement them. Based on the instructions, the young swimmers can be corrected or presented with alternatives.

All exercises were compiled with a team of coaches, teachers and other experts.

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digital-swim-coach was launched to give a low-cost digital coaching tool with more than workouts, explanations and helps for swimming lessons. The exercises were designed by coaches and teachers who are involved in the swimming education of children and adults on an almost daily basis and want to support them in achieving their swimming goals. The exercises are aimed at swimmers of all levels – whether for learning the first strokes, improving their position in breaststroke, crawl or backstroke or training for competitions. The digital-swim-coach team is passionate about learning to swim in and around water, especially to give teachers and coaches a basis for turning non-swimmers into little water rats in no time.

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