Literally awesome – Global MBA and MBA10 go west

Literally awesome - Global MBA and MBA10 go west

Literally awesome.
Honestly these two words would be enough to describe the US study trip of the Global MBA and MBA10 course. The organization, the lectures, the program, the accommodation… even the weather after a few foggy days and, last but not least, the group – just literally awesome. But, as you now surely may want to know more about this great trip, kindly as I am, I will give you a little summary. At the end of June, the global MBA and the MBA10 course travelled to the US west coast. The destinations were San Diego and San Francisco and the mission was to discover new experiences, innovations and to learn from the American work style.

At the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), experts like Neville Billimoria (Sr. Vice President of Membership & Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union), Brian Hawkins (Founder & CEO, PreFAB San Diego), Daren Cecil (Owner of San Diego Sales) or Parker Pike (Marketing Instructor USCD and Co-owner of Village Mill Bread Company) held lectures and presentations about relevant Marketing, Sales and Pricing topics. Further, these lectures were featured by guest speakers, like Matt Leighton, Co-Founder of A Little Scene, or Keith Mullin (Founder of Make Ideas and Biosilo Foods), who could give interesting and practical insights of their enterprises and business models.

Considering the geographical location of San Diego, near the Mexican border, topics like International and cross-cultural Management are more than only theoretical issues. We had the pleasure of welcoming Flavio Olivieri (CEO/Co-Founder of Tuteli) and Guillermo Mejia (Managing Director of MindHub) as guest speakers. The two Mexican entrepreneurs talked about their everyday challenges and advantages out of their business relation to the near US area.

Further highlights were the companies” presentations of very innovative start-ups that move in the section of wearables (minimal computer systems that the user wears directly on the body). For example, Hydrix, a brand new product of the company Electrozyme that hasn”t been launched on the market yet. Hydrix is a wearable with a micro sensor that measures the hydration of your body and indicates what and how much you need to drink.

Another impressive company visit was at Alexandria Real Estate Equities. They are specialized on equities for Life Science companies, on high innovative labour spaces and geographically excellent located real estate. Alexandria Real Estate told us that they are very focused on the work-life-balance of their employees and showed us how this reflects on the company and their environment. Starting by the fantastic office premises, with a spectacular view and garden, individually developed employee trainings or the modern in-house fitness center, are only a few things to mention.

One of the big companies we visited in Silicon Valley was Oracle. After a very interesting and motivating speech of the Senior Vice President of Finance, Eric Ball, we visited the Innovation and User lab, where innovation is born and tested by the most modern tools. Here for example Oracle ran tests with focus groups by using e.g. eye-tracking to challenge the usability of their new products.

At the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University, we visited the of the Hasso Plattner Institute. Here we had a guided tour through the spaces and rooms of the and got a very good impression of the special kind of education and spirit, that makes this such an innovative and sustainable place.

In the end, there is nothing left to say, but a very very big thank you to Nathen, Tina and Sina, who made this happen and let us experience two wonderful and special weeks that are priceless and irreplaceable. It was just literally awesome!

Next starting date for the MBA in General Management is September / October 2015.

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