IEL brings German students for a master course

IEL brings German students for a master course

Professionals from great German companies, such as Bosch and Daimler, have arrived in Curitiba on Monday 23rd 2015 to study Parana”s business market, to search new knowledge and partnerships with industries. They participate in the Master in International Management of Steinbeis University and for three weeks they will be at Parana”s capital to obtain a professional specialization in Management and Business Planning certificate from IEL. The group is formed by 33 students.

The initiative is a result of the partnership firmed between IEL and the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) from Steinbeis University in March 2014.
The goal is the experience exchange between both institutions and the promotion of exchange and partnership among Brazilian and German professionals and industries. During their time here, the students will visit companies and exchange information, besides that, they will learn how the organizational structures work in Brazil, says the IEL”s Parana Superintendent Jose Antonio Fares.

For the IEL”s National Superintendent, Paulo Mol, the partnership allows the encounter of two cultures and the knowledge exchange. Steinbeis University is a reference in dual degree, which unifies the educational institutions and the industries to elaborate projects that promote the business development. Our goal is that Brazilian students can also do this type of degree and exchange experience in Germany, highlights IEL”s National Superintendent. In these three weeks in Brazil, the German students will have classes about the Brazilian cultural organization, industrial economy, Brazilian financial market, international management, innovation and will visit industries.

Eylem Temel, who works for Daimler in Germany, is one of the students and says that the initiative will enrich her knowledge regarding to how business work in Brazil. I am interested in learning how the structures and work are from here, how everything is organized e and the local culture works. Eylem highlighted that to obtain a certificate in Brazil, by IEL, it will be a differential for the career and curriculum.

I think that Brazilian and German industries are different and these experience will show us on a practical way how each one of them works”, said Julia Spöcker, a member of the German group. “To come to a country in process of development such as Brazil and to be a part of this exchange program is really important and in the future will help on the development of our own business.

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Die SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (SIBE) ist die internationale Business & Law School der Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin (SHB) und wird geleitet von Prof. Dr. Werner G. Faix, der die SIBE gegründet hat. Die SIBE steht für erfolgreichen Wissens-Transfer und systematischen Kompetenz-Aufbau zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Sie ist fokussiert auf Unternehmen, Organisationen und öffentliche Verwaltungen und auf kompetente, unternehmerisch global denkende und handelnde High Potentials.

Wir sorgen mit unseren Innovations-Projekten und unseren High Potentials bei unseren Partner-Unternehmen für Wachstum und Globalisierung – und für kompetente Führungs- und Nachwuchsführungskräfte. Wir verpflichten uns dem Erfolg unserer Partner-Unternehmen und damit dem Erfolg unserer Teilnehmer. Ihr Erfolg ist unser Erfolg!

Mit Master-Programmen seit 1994, mit derzeit ca. 600 Studierenden, über 3.000 erfolgreichen Absolventen und mit über 350 Partner-Unternehmen ist die SIBE Ihr kompetenter Partner für Wachstum und Globalisierung im Steinbeis-Netzwerk.

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