Free NLP e-mail training for everybody everywhere

The free NLP e-mail training contains 50 lessons created and developed by Landsiedel NLP Training. Each of them has an inspiring quote and metaphor as well as many useful theoretical information and practical exercises.

Free NLP e-mail training for everybody everywhere

Landsiedel NLP Training now offers a free NLP e-mail training. The training program consists of 50 lessons full of information and exercises to learn and practice NLP either with yourself or with a partner. In addition every lecture contains a selected metaphor which helps to illustrate the lesson, a book recommendation to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the theme as well as an uplifting quote to bring a smile to your face. According on how often you want to receive a lesson, you can choose a rhythm that fits in your everyday life.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Through NLP you can change any negative behaviour or belief system that inhibits you from enjoying your life. Improve your depth and sincerity in communication with yourself or with others. Set and achieve life and professional goals. Improve your power of motivation and self – esteem and heal your body. NLP was created in the 1970s and since then it has been developed into a vast tool for human transformation and personal growth within the fields of psychotherapy, medicine, coaching, business and education.
Stephan Landsiedel, psychologist with 20 years experience in NLP and founder of Landsiedel NLP Training offers this FREE NLP e-mail training to everybody, everywhere. He states that “The NLP e-mail training already exists in Germany for many years. More than 15.000 people have already participated in this program. Our training program is now available in English. It is designed to teach basic techniques for beginners but also more complex exercises for advanced NLP users. You learn how to improve the quality of your life and strengthen your relationships. Because of this I want that everybody has the possibility to become acquainted with NLP.”

Landsiedel NLP Training is with more than 30 locations market leader for classical NLP trainings in Germany. In free evening-seminars and many different online offers, interested people can experience NLP, develop their personality and improve their communication. These skills can be professionalized in several Seminars.
It is the vision of Landsiedel NLP Training to make NLP payable and experienceable for everybody.

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