Do students have to suffer?

How time management can help not only students and what’s all about it

On Friday, 11th of March 2011 the long night of the students ended in Germany. In all universities in Germany students met for 24 hours to finish urgent works. In Bielefeld a team from the broadcasting channel „Lokalzeit OWL“ interviewed several students in the beginning and the end of those 24 hours. Did they reach their goals? Have they been successful? Why do students all around the world suffer with their time schedules?

The team invited time management trainer Frank Boekenheide from
to get some tips about reaching goals and to discuss several methods. As mentioned above, students need to divide big goals into reachable ones. Divide them into monthly, weekly and daily ones. The daily ones make as small as 30 or 45 minutes. Use a deadline to put some pressure on yourself. Imagine in the beginning of each little one how you would feel reaching the goal. How does your body feel? How is your general mood and how happy are you reaching that goal? While putting yourself in the future condition you get motivated and you put yourself in a perfect mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s a goal for 2 min. or 45 min. By doing this for almost 30 days it will be programmed to your subconscious mind and you will use it as a habit.

Plan the next day always in the evening and your subconscious mind will look for solutions during your night sleep. This will help you to be motivated during the next day. Use a list of all your activities and try to put together similar tasks. Check always once or twice your e-mails, do phone calls in serious of 5 to 10 and set the aim of each call before you really do it. This will help you to break free of bad habits“, interruptions and you will get more free time for important tasks.

One tip at the end: use a success journal and write down all your little successes and be grateful for them. While doing this you build up your self-esteem and you stay motivated during the week. Use the journal each night before you go to bed to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This will help to get good sleep and in the morning you will be awake with a positive mood.

For further information please contact Frank Boekenheide at 004957439323940 or have a look at his website at He offers courses for time management and courses to find your life purpose. The whole interview can be watched at and was held by moderator Kristina Sterz.

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