Breakthrough – the book by Thomas Gelmi now also available in English

“Breakthrough: What Cabin Crew can teach you about Leadership, Teamwork and Customer Contact”

Breakthrough - the book by Thomas Gelmi now also available in English

“Breakthrough” – a book by Thomas Gelmi

Thomas Gelmi, expert for InterPersonal Competence, has enjoyed huge success with his book “Durchstarten.” In his extensive work with leaders and teams, he regularly travels to other European countries, the USA, Asia, and Africa. It was therefore only natural that his book would also be published in English. On March 15, 2019, the time has come for ‘Breakthrough’ to hit the market.

Executive Coach and Consultant Thomas Gelmi focuses on InterPersonal Competence – the combination of personal competence and relationship competence. Based on his many years of experience, the human factor is increasingly becoming one of the key differentiators for companies when compared to their competitors. “Genuine and authentic interaction with oneself and others is the elementary success factor in leadership, collaboration, and customer contact today and in the future,” says Gelmi.

As of March 15, international readers will now also have the opportunity to recognize challenges to personal and interpersonal competence in leadership, teamwork, customer interaction, and private life and to understand what it is all about.

“Breakthrough’ can be preordered now.

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Thomas Gelmi begleitet unter dem Label “Thomas Gelmi – InterPersonal Competence” weltweit Führungskräfte und deren Teams in Unternehmen unterschiedlichster Größe und verschiedenster Branchen. Dazu gehören global tätige Unternehmen wie Siemens, Roche, oder Syngenta, aber auch KMUs und Privatkunden. Sein Fokus liegt dabei auf der Entwicklung von Selbst- und Beziehungskompetenz in Führung, Zusammenarbeit und Kundenkontakt.

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