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Learn German the way it is really spoken with Krimi in Berlin!

New ebook & audiobook series for German learners

Learn German the way it is really spoken with Krimi in Berlin!

For German learners who would like to read more than their textbooks, Janine Wolf-Schindler“s series Krimi in Berlin (Crime Novels in Berlin) eBook and audiobook is the perfect stepping stone between beginners“ sentences and complicated novels. A third novel has just been successfully released on Amazon. These eBooks provide glossaries at the end of each chapter to help readers with more complex vocabulary, new slang and colloquialisms. The vocabulary ranges from crime and detective to the everyday, and you meet many vibrant and diverse characters from all walks of Berlin life. With the Krimi in Berlin series, learning German is fun and natural. These eBooks are a must-read for intermediate German learners looking for something a little bit different to give their German that extra edge.

Krimi in Berlin revolves around Hercule Poirot (no, not that one), a Frenchman who moves to Berlin only to discover he has become the victim of fraud. Enter Merk, a woman who is the complete opposite of the conservative and meat-loving Hercule – she is an ultra-left hacker, vegan, constantly broke, with a half-shaved head, tattoos and a tendency to use swearwords. This unlikely pair find that they work really well together, and in Krimi in Berlin V1 end up solving mysteries which go far deeper than just Hercule’s deposit fraud.

Krimi in Berlin V2 sees Hercule try to fulfil his dream of opening a small restaurant in Berlin, but this too is marred by a crime mystery involving suspicious text messages and harassment. Merk and Hercule are reunited once again to solve this puzzle and bring justice to those who have been wronged.

In the most recent instalment, Krimi in Berlin V3, Hercule receives the surprising news that his grandmother is getting married. Almost immediately, Hercule, and of course Merk, are swept off to Italy. Desperate to trust his grandmother’s fiance, Hercule tries not to think anything bad of him, until the warning signs get too loud to ignore and Hercule and Merk find themselves solving another crime mystery once again. As well as glossaries at the end of each chapter, this eBook also contains comprehension and grammar exercises to add variety and test readers on their German!

Janine Wolf-Schindler went to the University of Zürich and Humboldt Universität Berlin where she learnt many languages, including Arabic, French, Farsi, Latin and Italian. Realising her real passion was her mother tongue, German, she teaches German at universities and international companies. She currently lives in Berlin and runs a youtube channel and a – website
– which aims to make learning German fun and accessible for all. Her eBooks aim at teaching spoken language and colloquialisms in an easygoing way.

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